Internet and technology took a giant leap a decade back with the advent of ‘smartphones’. Soon, from college students to professionals started carrying the virtual world in the palm of your hands. This has necessitated companies to bring their businesses to smaller platforms. From paying bills to sending messages, people now do it on the go, thanks to the various ‘apps’ available in the market. Banks now offer mobile banking, e-commerce sites provide anywhere and at any time shopping, social media platforms rule the mobile platform and it is time for you to join the growing trend with an exclusive app for your business. High Think Media Box designs apps for various mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.


  • Rich features
  • Seamless user interface
  • Pixel-perfect interactive designs
  • Absolutely nil lags and minimal maneuvering
  • Latest technologies and technical proficiencies


  • Application and widget development
  • Mobile operating system consulting and customization
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Quality analysis and testing
  • Migration or porting to multiple platforms


High Think Media Box have highly skilled professionals who understand iOS, the operating system used in iPhones, and design compatible apps that can be easily downloaded by your customers or target audience to their iPhones or iPads. We build these apps exclusively using Mac technologies, namely Cocoa and Interface Builder. Since Apple products don’t support Flash, we ensure our designs are HTML5 and CSS3 compatible. The app we deliver can be instantly uploaded to Apple’s App Store or any other third-party compatible websites.


When Microsoft jumped into the smartphone market, Windows phone quickly became popular around the world and the number people using Windows applications grew overnight. We have skilled app developers to cater to your needs of customized apps for Windows 8 OS and above. Our people have knowledge and experience in Windows Mobile SDK, NET Framework, SQL server mobile edition and other Microsoft-based technologies, which will be effectively used to create Windows-based apps.


BlackBerry has been serving the smartphone market for a decade now. Though the brand has been a favourite in the corporate world, thanks to the infusion of official communication, the company has taken a more consumer-centric approach which has been received positively by many and in turn has widened the circle of Blackberry users. Our app developers have experience in designing apps for various BlackBerry platforms and deploy the best tech approaches to reach the most optimum end result. Our skill pool is proficient in J2ME and MDS - two key and effective software platforms used to design the BlackBerry applications.


Android smartphones are the most used by consumers of different groups and ages. Google’s Linux-based platform, with its smooth user interface, has attracted a large number of loyal followers in a short period of time. The popularity of the Android platform and the increased number of users everyday has made it necessary for every business, be it large or small, to design and develop an Android-based app. Google offers the necessary tools and APIs required to develop custom applications. Our team stays updated with all the Android tools and has successfully developed multiple applications for our clients thus far.

  • Android SDK
  • Architecture tools - HTTP, SOAP, NetSuite, Rest, IPC
  • Programming tools - Net beans, Eclipse
  • GPS, Media, Accelerometer, Compass and more support

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