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Our services don’t stop with just the project delivery. Be it technical support or upgrades, we go out of our way and take that extra step to ensure every setup we deliver runs smoothly and offer all the added services that might be required on a long-run. Do you need any support for the services we delivered? You can always call us, chat with us or drop us an e-mail! A representative will be available immediately to respond to your chats or calls. In case of e-mails, we will send a response within 24/7 hours.

Web Development

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Web development

Like it or not, the aesthetic quality of your web presence is how the culture and the very integrity of your business is judged. A website is more than a vanity accessory, it can be used as an effective business marketing tool. High Think solutions provide services to empower your business online. We build a clean, functional and eye-catching website with robust functionalities and easy-to-manage interface

Plan and research

We have professional research ninjas to understand your business needs and target audience. In our initial stage of plan and research, we get to understand your brand presence in the market. Through questionnaires and interviews, we get to determine the effective approach to create a new online presence for your brand or the best way to modify your existing materials to turn the tables in favour of your business.

Design and develop

Creativity intricately weaved with the latest technologies begin here. With your inputs, we create a mock-up website to give you an idea on what the site will look like and how it will function. Upon your approval, we start to code and create your website with ALT tags, title tags, external and internal link page, and all things necessary to bring its online presence to limelight. From Google to Opera, search engines have multiple criteria to rank an online site. We ensure every criteria is implemented to your website.

Align and test

A website is not all about design and content. We deploy page templates, back-end applications, sign-up forms, customized, graphics and create business style sheets. Also, we implement tailor-made content management systems to manage your online business information in future. Once we align the website, we conduct a series of tests to erase all the bugs and the website is smooth and error-free.